Photocopier and Printer Rentals in Sydney

High-quality photocopiers in Sydney for your company:

Receive a free machine and simply pay for pages printed

A no-contract leasing arrangement is the best option if you own a business in Sydney and need a photocopier but don’t want to buy one outright.

At Freelease, we offer high-quality, brand new or refurbished photocopiers at affordable costs with no lock-in contracts. Located in Sydney, Freelease has more than 20 years of experience in the market leasing printers and copiers. 

Our entry-level plans let you use a machine for free at your Sydney business and you simply pay for pages used. For high-volume printing, we have various rental plans that you can choose from. 

Our main objective is to free you of all the stress that comes with maintaining an office photocopier and/or printer. We want you to just sit back and relax while we take care of everything including the delivery and installation of the copier to your location in Sydney, as well as any technical support you may need.

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Flexible Printer Plans

No more wasted hours in choosing which copier to purchase. No more hassle in setting up the machine. No more spending thousands of dollars on printing along with other expenses when owning a photocopier or printer. All are taken care of with any of our print plans that will suit your every need.


Renting a copier gives you these advantages:

  • We provide high-quality photocopiers
  • All toner is included 
  • Free service and technical support 
  • No lock-in contracts
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Sydney’s Photocopier and Printer Rental Specialists

Our range of high quality copiers (namely, Konica Minolta and Toshiba) and our entire offering is complimented by our unmatched customer service. We want our clients to be free from the burden of annoying office supply problems while conducting business. Except for the paper, we provide everything for your printing needs. Our helpful Sydney team is available via phone if you have any questions or concerns.

We have everything you require, whether you need a standard multifunction black and white photocopier or a colour laser copier.

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Sydney’s Photocopier and Printer Setup and Installation

The complicated technical aspects of setting up your equipment will be handled by our experienced team. Each machine is delivered to your office and assembled on site. Copiers also come with toners and hardware, ready for your use straight away.

Dedicated Ongoing support

After you sign up with us, we will dedicate a team to your business who will look after your printers and photocopiers. Our commitment is to serve your printing needs which goes beyond promptly and effectively resolving any issues you may have so that you can carry on with your business. Just give our Sydney office a call, and we’ll take care of the problem.

Call Us 24/7 service call-outs

Just call us if you need help. We provide support 24/7. We don’t charge a callout fee if your copier or other equipment breaks down and you require an urgent service. Troubleshooting for copiers occasionally may be necessary. 

Please give us a call at any time on 1800 63 63 44 (even outside business hours). 


All upgrades & replacements are on us

Over time, machines do sustain wear and tear. Newer models are made available as a result of technological advancements. When this happens, we will upgrade and replace your photocopier or commercial printer at no cost to you.

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A 30-day money back guarantee

We will offer a full refund if you aren’t happy with our photocopiers within 30 days of signing up and trying them out, or if you decide they’re just not for you. Therefore, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try us out!




Why should I lease a printer or photocopier in Sydney?

Compared to purchasing, leasing is a far more commercially viable option. You will avoid making a sizable initial capital expenditure and will receive high-quality office equipment as well as ongoing support. This will also free up your cash flow for other purchases.


How do I end a photocopier or printer lease if it’s not working for me?

Simply talk to us. You are never required to pay any fees or charges to end your agreement with us. You are free to part ways with us if things don’t work out.


Do you help with the printer/photocopier installation?

Yes, all equipment installation at your Sydney office is part of our service.


What are your fees?

You may see our different pricing plans here.

Why Choose Freelease Printer Rentals?

We have never put the price up in 19 years and don't intend to do so.

As technology changes and machines wear we replace and upgrade your printer free of charge, this means you will never have to worry about your printer again.

We never charge for a printer service call, we understand accidents happen and that staples and paper clips can get caught in the machine

We have a service hotline for outside business hours support and we pride ourselves on fast efficient service, 2 hours on average in the CBD and 4 hours in the Suburbs.