Printer leasing for small business

Have you recently started a small business and aren’t quite ready to splurge on an office printer that replaces your A4 printer or A4 photocopier?


An established business or not, sometimes organising a printer rental makes more economic sense. Whether you are about to go through a formal arrangement with plenty of contracts to sign or simply need a stand-in office printer to replace an A4 printer or A4 photocopier for colour printing for brochures and flyers for an upcoming event, Freelease is here to help.

Deck your space with the latest and greatest office equipment, ensuring your office machines can easily meet your business needs.

We offer printer rental arrangements with multifunction printers to ensure you can reap all the benefits of an office printer without having to make an outright purchase. This way, you can meet the exact needs of your business for the best price. We operate Australia-wide, meaning you can lease equipment for every division of your business, wherever your team is located.

So if you are looking for a printer rental or managed print services while keeping printing costs low by saving on the cost of your own machine, look no further than Freelease.

Initial Costs

There are some initial costs involved with our printer rental service, and we wanted to jump into those service fees upfront so you know exactly what you are in for when considering a printer lease or photocopier rental. Here at Freelease, we ensure upfront pricing models and avoid hidden costs.

Refundable Security Deposit: $500 per Photocopier

Our printer rental service requires a $500 deposit per photocopier rental. This money upfront deposit ensures we can continue to provide the same quality service to all businesses requiring a printer lease.

Delivery & Installation: $180 (+GST)

When organising a printer lease, we charge an upfront cost for the delivery and installation of your printer or copier. This fee allows us to meet the specific requirements of your business and ensure that your business printer arrives ready for use within your company.

Pick up / Relocation fee $180 (+GST)

If at any point your photocopier or printer needs relocating to another office, we can help with the pickup and relocation of your equipment. If your business requirements include pick up and relocation, we charge a $180 fee for this ongoing support.

Small Business Package

If you are a small business owner looking at leasing a multifunction printer for your business or businesses, then the small business package might be the perfect fit for you.
Costing just $199 per month, the small business package includes the following:


A service agreement covering 2000 B&W and 200 Colour pages pm


If required, excess pages: 1.9c +gst per B&W page, 9c +gst per Colour page.


No charge for accidental breakages.


Includes same-day/next-day servicing, toner and parts.


No locked-in contracts or agreements

More Details

If the small business package sounds like a great deal for you, you can find more details on the small business package within our PDF quote.

Why choose Freelease?

Freelease provides a fully comprehensive photocopier leasing service. Providing and installing photocopiers on-site ensures a smooth transition and better service for your business.

We operate Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. All of our equipment comes with networking support, ongoing service support from our technicians as well as free toners and upgrades for the length of the leasing agreement.

Finally, at Freelease, we never charge for accidental damage to equipment or additional charges.

If you are interested in locking in our leasing services, please apply here.

If you have any questions about our photocopier and printing lease services, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.